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COL STEVEN J. GAYDOS, Dean                                                     

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COL MICHAEL F. BRESLIN, Assistant Dean                                     

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Vision: To be the Army’s premier medical training institution dedicated to saving lives and fostering healthy and resilient air crewmembers

Mission:   We train the Nation’s premier aeromedical forces to support the full spectrum of military operations.   We maintain and improve operational readiness of US Army, Joint and allied warfighting forces through aeromedical training of aviation and medical personnel.     Through state-of-the-art, hands-on, scenario-driven training based on lessons learned from today`s battlefields and clinical settings, we train and develop military and some civilian students into proficient and ready members of the AMEDD Team. And as always, credible feedback influences training development and resourcing decisions.    

To accomplish this mission USASAM’s recruits some of the world`s most capable and innovative military instructors, training developers, and DoD Civilian staff members then provides them with professional staff development and career life-cycle management to ensure that our students will continue to receive the benefits of the best education and training opportunities available.


DEAN Student Welcome Letter


MEDEVAC Pilot/Flight Medic/Flight Surgeon/Flight APA/Flight Nurse/Flight Psychologist

The United States Army School of Aviation Medicine (USASAM) at Fort Rucker is a field element of the U.S. Army Medical Department’s Center and School, headquartered at Fort Sam Houston.  USASAM is the Army’s center of excellence for training Army Flight Surgeons, Aeromedical Physician Assistants, Flight Medics, and Aeromedical Evacuation Officers.  Concurrently, USASAM provides initial and sustainment aeromedical training in 32 Training and Doctrine Command Programs of Instruction for both fixed and rotary wing flight students.  USASAM also provides high altitude physiology training for Aviation, Special Operations, and Aeromedical personnel in the Army`s only training hypobaric (altitude) chamber and is the proponent for the DoD’s only Aeromedical Psychology Training Course.

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