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Mission Thanks Giving

Thank you for your interest in hosting our Soldiers for Thanksgiving.
Due to the high level of interest this year, we have reached the maximum capacity of host Families we are able to accommodate.
If you are interested in supporting next year, the Mission Thanksgiving website will open up on October 1st, 2019.

We appreciate your enduring support.


Dear Host Family,

     On behalf of Major General Patrick D. Sargent, Commanding General of AMEDDC&S HRCoE, the Commander of 32nd Medical Brigade and the Commander of the Medical Professional Training Brigade, thank you for volunteering to welcome America`s Sons and Daughters into your home in recognition of Thanksgiving Day on 22 November 2018. For many of our young Soldiers, Thanksgiving will be their first major holiday away from home and their Families. Our Soldiers are committed to their training and understand the sacrifice of their service, but for some it can be lonely being away. Your charity and dedicated support demonstrate the grateful appreciation the community has for their service and sacrifice of their families. I appreciate your interest in hosting this year.

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Drop Off / Pick Up Locations

Pick Up Locations

Blesse Auditorium Located on the first floor of Willis Hall

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Drop Off 232nd Medical Battalion

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Drop Off 187th/264 Medical Battalion

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Operation Thanksgiving Agenda

Date Location Time Description
NOV 22    Blesse Auditorium    0700-0800       Arrival Check-in Time
NOV 22    Blesse Auditorium    0800-0815       MG Sargent Opening Remarks
NOV 22    Blesse Auditorium    0815-UTC       Family and Soldiers Depart
NOV 22    Battalion Areas    NLT 2100       Soldiers Return

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