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Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT)
Welcome to the Directorate of Training and Academic Affairs
Serves as lead advisor to the Commander, U.S. Army Medical Department Center and School, U.S. Army Health Readiness Center of Excellence, for medical training, education, and leader development achieving academic excellence.
Empowering people to provide the world`s best military medical education and training to the Nation today and tomorrow.
Registrar Services
Contact the Directorate of Training and Academic Affairs
(210) 221-8715 | DSN: 471-8715
3630 Stanley Rd, Suite 215
JBSA Fort Sam Houston, TX 78234
Contact the Registrar
(210) 221-6207 | DSN: 471-6207
3630 Stanley Rd, Suite 245
JBSA Fort Sam Houston, TX 78234
Contact Operator Assistance
JBSA Fort Sam Houston Base Operator
(210) 221-1211 | DSN: 471-1211
Borden Institute, AMEDD Journal, and Medical Soldiers Outlook
Borden Institute is responsible for producing Textbooks of Military Medicine, covering a spectrum of military medical scholarship. The AMEDD Journal Branch creates and publishes the US Army Medical Department Journal and the Medical Soldiers Outlook.  The AMEDD Journal is a quarterly, professional, peer-reviewed publication with worldwide distribution.  It provides a forum for the presentation and exchange of the most current, high level healthcare, clinical, and medical research information, as well as medically related combat experiences and military doctrine development ideas and proposals.  The Outlook is a training information newsletter.  The publication is distributed worldwide to Active Army and Reserve Component enlisted personnel to provide current information on resident and nonresident training courses, educational opportunities, doctrine revisions, and medical MOS changes and updates.

Click here for more information (Borden Institute Webpage)
Contact the Borden Institute at (210) 221-6972 | DSN: 471-6972
Contact the AMEDD Journal Branch at (210) 221-6301 | DSN: 471-6301
Contact the Medical Soldiers Outlook Branch at (210) 221-6375 | DSN: 471-6375
Professional Education and Training Department
The Professional Education and Training Department provides a world class education system that is answerable to the US Army and the American people through development of AMEDD education training policies, ensuring adherence to education training policy and accreditation standards; advocating education and training issues; managing quotas and funds for Army, civilian, and federal courses; developing and implementing AMEDD policies and programs to comply with Department of Defense instructions and inter-service training review organizations.

Click here for more information (Professional Education and Training Department Webpage)
Contact Info the Professional Education and Training Department at (210) 295-9508/9528 | DSN: 421-9508/9528
Curriculum Development Department
The Curriculum Development Division`s mission is to create relevant customer-focused education and training products that support the medical mission.
Contact the Curriculum Development Department at (210) 221-0077/0526 | DSN: 471-0077/0526
Instructional Technology Division (ITD)
Instructional Technology Division imageInstructional Technology Division (ITD) is a one-stop support center for Army medical education and training instructional technology products, services, and expertise.  We research, evaluate, and leverage technology-based training tools to enhance and expand our customers` access to military medical education and training.

Instructional Technology Guidance and Support

  • Instructional technology policy, best practices, and business rules
  • Options and recommendations for media and delivery
  • Curriculum evaluations for readiness and suitability for instructional technology
  • Marketing support to help promote new courses and updates to existing courses

Instructional Technology Development and Delivery

  • Development and delivery of small to large, CD and web-based interactive multimedia instruction (IMI) products
  • Development and delivery of video products ranging from web quality to high definition
  • Contract assistance for external IMI development products
  • IMI implementation assistance (product testing/loading coordination)

Instructional Technology Facilities and Technical Support

  • Satellite and video tele-training classrooms and teach-out room with connection and tech support
  • A fully staffed computer lab for student use when completing projects and assignments
  • Three fully equipped computer classrooms with on staff tech support
Contact ITD
Comm: (210) 221-6888 | DSN: 471-6888 | Toll-Free: (888) 263-3356
Email: usarmy.jbsa.medcom-ameddcs.mbx.distributed-learning@mail.mil
Enlisted Subject Matter Expert (SME) Department
The Enlisted SME Department supports the Army Medical Department`s (AMEDD) appointed Enlisted Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) Experts that are located worldwide.  Each AMEDD MOS has a SME appointed for their respective specialty which assists with AMEDD`s Enlisted Human Capital Distribution Plan and provides recommendations to the Command Sergeant Major of the US Army Medical Command in support of the AMEDD`s mission.
Contact the Enlisted SME Department at (210) 221-7628| DSN: 471-7628
Inter-Service Training Review Office
Provides guidance and recommendations for Inter-Service educational and training objectives and ensures Army educational doctrine is maintained. Interfaces with representatives from all Service components, program directors, resource managers, quota managers, and training specialists within and outside the AMEDDC&S HRCoE to ensure that the analysis and design of programs support the specialized training requirements of Army Medicine.
Contact the Inter-Service Training Review Office at (210) 221-6930| DSN: 471-6930
Training Program Management Department
The Training Program Management Department implements and manages automated training development and management systems and processes for the AMEDD in support of quality, standardized military medical training programs that meet Army readiness requirements.  We also lead the way in supporting Army training technology growth and evolution with the vision of delivering quality training to anyone, anytime, anywhere.
Contact the Training Program Management Department at (210) 221-8745/7385 | DSN: 471-8745/7385
Staff and Faculty Development Department
The Staff and Faculty Development Department provides professional development training opportunities for US Army Medical Department Center and School staff and faculty through both innovative and traditional training programs.

Click here for more information (Staff and Faculty Development Webpage)
Contact the Staff and Faculty Development Department at (210) 221-6972/8816 | DSN: 471-6972/8816
Stimson Library (SL)
Stimson Library (SL) provides information resources and services to support the training and research mission of the US Army Medical Department Center and School. SL supports medical activities at Fort Sam Houston and serves as an information resource for the Army Medical Department worldwide.
Contact Stimson Library at (210) 221-6900/8281 | DSN: 471-6900/8281


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