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Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT)


Welcome to the Army Medical Department Captains Career Course at  Ft Sam Houston, Texas! You will be assigned to Alpha  Company, 187th Medical Battalion for the duration of your Captains    Career Course (CCC) training.

Please review all the information provided on this site and also read the CCC Welcome Letter that can be found under the resources section. If you still have any questions or concerns that are not addressed on our site or the welcome letter, please email us at usarmy.jbsa.medcom-ameddcs.mbx.ccc@mail.mil or call (210) 221-7335 or (210) 221-7410.

General Information

This course is designed to instruct students on the basics of being a mid-grade Army Medical Department (AMEDD) officer. This course will provide the student with an increased understanding of the U.S. Army, its various missions and most importantly, how to contribute to the success of those missions. Students will be assigned to Alpha Company, 187th Medical Battalion for the duration of their CCC training. The student’s focus here at the AMEDD Center & School should be discipline, teamwork, midgrade officer skills, tactical medical doctrine, and learning the principles behind becoming an effective, agile leader.

The Captains Career Course (CCC) is conducted by two organizations - Alpha Company, 187th Medical Battalion, 32d Medical Brigade and the AMEDD Captains Career Course Branch, Leader Training Center, Academy of Health Sciences. Alpha Company performs and is responsible for all administrative actions (in-processing, lodging, ID cards, pay, etc.). The AMEDD CCC Branch conducts and is responsible for all training requirements and academic issues.

Computer resources are limited at Fort Sam Houston and students that have personal computers are highly encouraged to bring it with them to CCC, for use in their quarters. Additionally, students will be issued course material (on CD) that they will be required to read, study, and learn, while they are attending the course.


Click on each of the links to the right, under the content and resources tabs, to review the pertinent class information for the course. Follow the instructions below:

(1)  Apply for your AMEDD CCC Blackboard account

(2)  Go to the Blackboard site at https://amedd.ellc.learn.army.mil  and complete your pre-registration process

(3)  For specific POC information for the course, a CAC-enabled site is under development 

Class Dates

Students may click on the ATRRS hyperlink, https://www.atrrs.army.mil/atrrscc/course.aspx search using Course Title 6-8-C22. Click on respective ATRRS webpage for additional information about their class, such as report date, start date, and end date.

U.S. Army Reserve (USAR) and Army National Guard (ARNG) students, who are not sure whether they should attend the Long Course or the Short Course, may refer to the following guidance for clarification:

(CCC) - Long Course

  • The long course consists of two phases: Phase 1 which consists of the correspondence course and Phase 2 which consists of in residence training at Fort Sam Houston.
  • All students are required to complete the phase 1 distance learning course requirement.

(RC) - Short Course

  • Student must be Army National Guard (ARNG) or U.S. Army Reserve (USAR) AMEDD commissioned officers
  • Student cannot be ARNG or USAR Active Guard and Reserve (AGR)
  • These students are required to complete the phase 1 distance learning course prior to enrolling in Phase 2 RC - Captains Career Course 6-8-C22 (RC) Course

Driving Information

Fort Sam Houston is considered a “walking campus”. Parking directly adjacent the AMEDD C&S is for staff use only and is not authorized for CCC students. For in-processing, please park across the street from the AMEDD museum to avoid being ticketed. You will be given more information regarding authorized student parking areas when you in-process.

  • You must utilize a hands free telephone device when talking on cell phones while driving on Fort Sam Houston. TEXTING while driving is NOT authorized within the city of San Antonio or on Fort Sam Houston.
  • You are not required to have a Fort Sam Houston Department of Defense (DoD) registration sticker on your vehicle to obtain access to the base. For more info on accessing Fort Sam Houston, please refer to the FAQ page attached.
  • Students are not authorized to drive motorcycles while in CCC.

Mandatory Training Information

Students are required to complete Phase 1 of CCC prior to arrival. Students will be required to turn in a copy of their Phase 1 certificate during in-processing.

 Welcome Letters and Appendixes:

9 Week Welcome Letter     67J Course    FA90A Course


Appendix A DD 1610    Appendix B MTSA Funds Request     Appendix C Packing List


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