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Ophthalmic Care of the Combat Casualty

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Front Matter

Foreword by The Surgeon General


  1. History of Military Eye Care
    Floyd L. Wergeland, Jr
  2. Lessons Learned
    Francis G. La Piana and Thomas Mader
Section 2: Basic Techniques
  1. Ocular Trauma: History and Examination
    Matthew J. Nutaitis
  2. Imaging of Ocular and Adnexal Trauma
    Jeffrey P. Blice
  3. Anesthetic Care of the Traumatized Eye
    Andrew S. Eiseman
  4. Ocular Trauma Scales
    Darryl J. Ainbinder, Robert A. Mazzoli, William R. Raymond IV, Elizabeth A. Hansen, and E. Glenn Sanford
Section 3: Anterior Segment
  1. Chemical Injuries of the Eye
    Edward W. Trudo, Jr, and William Rimm
  2. Blunt Trauma and Nonpenetrating Injuries of the Anterior Segment
    Glenn C. Cockerham
  3. Sharp Trauma of the Anterior Segment
    Kraig S. Bower
  4. Trauma of the Crystalline Lens
    Joseph Pasternak
  5. Glaucoma Associated With Ocular Trauma
    Neil T. Choplin
Section 4: Posterior Segment
  1. Blunt Injury of the Posterior Segment
    David O. Mazur
  2. Primary Repair of the Posterior Segment: Penetrating, Perforating, and Blunt Rupture Injuries
    Gordon A. Byrnes
  3. Management of Penetrating Injuries With a Retained Intraocular Foreign Body
    Wendall C. Bauman
  4. Metallosis Bulbi
    Peter H. Custis and Tim B. Hopkins
  5. Sympathetic Ophthalmia
    Thomas P. Ward
  6. Posttraumatic Endophthalmitis
    Craig D. Hartranft and Thaddeus J. Krolicki
Section 5: Oculoplastics
  1. Eyelid and Adnexal Injuries
    Kimberly Peele Cockerham
  2. Management of Eyelid Burns
    John D. Ng and David E. E. Holck
  3. Orbital Trauma
    Robert A. Mazzoli, Darryl J. Ainbinder, and Elizabeth A. Hansen
  4. Extraocular Muscle Trauma
    Scott K. McClatchey
  5. Traumatic Optic Neuropathy
    Kimberly Peele Cockerham
  6. Enucleation and Evisceration
    Asa D. Morton
Section 6: Miscellaneous
  1. Eye Injuries Associated With Terrorist Bombings
    Allen B. Thach
  2. Ocular Laser Injuries
    Rodney D. Hollifield
  3. The Development of Eye Armor for the American Infantryman
    Francis G. La Piana and Thomas P. Ward
  4. Geographical Ophthalmology
    Richard D. Stutzman

Abbreviations and Acronyms



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