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Medical Aspects of Chemical Warfare

Medical Aspects of Chemical Warfare EPUB file download

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Front Matter

  1. Introduction to the Chemical Threat
    Thomas B. Talbot, Brian Lukey, and Gennady E. Platoff, Jr
  2. History of Chemical Warfare
    Corey J. Hilmas, Jeffery K. Smart, and Benjamin A. Hill, Jr
  3. History of the Medical Management of Chemical Casualties
    Benjamin A. Hill, Jr
  4. History of the Chemical Threat, Chemical Terrorism, and Its Implications for Military Medicine
    Jeffery K. Smart, Al Mauroni, Benjamin A. Hill, Jr, and Allart B. Kok
  5. Nerve Agents
    Frederick R. Sidell, Jonathan Newmark, and John H. McDonough
  6. Neuroprotection as a Treatment for Nerve Agent Survivors
    Gerald P.H. Ballough, Jonathan Newmark, Eric S. Levine, and Margaret G. Filbert
  7. Nerve Agent Bioscavenger: Development of a New Approach to Protect Against Organophosphorus Exposure
    Michelle C. Ross, Clarence A. Broomfield, Douglas M. Cerasoli, Bhupendra P. Doctor, David E. Lenz, Donald M. Maxwell, and Ashima Saxena
  8. Vesicants
    Charles G. Hurst, John P. Petrali, David J. Barillo, John S. Graham, William J. Smith, John S. Urbanetti, and Frederick R. Sidell
  9. Long-Term Health Effects of Chemical Threat Agents
    William J. Smith, Matthew G. Clark, Thomas B. Talbot, Patricia Ann Caple, Frederick R. Sidell, and Charles G. Hurst
  10. Toxic Inhalational Injury and Toxic Industrial Chemicals
    Shirley D. Tuorinsky and Alfred M. Sciuto
  11. Cyanide Poisoning
    Steven I. Baskin, James B. Kelly, Beverly I. Maliner, Gary A. Rockwood, and Csaba K. Zoltani
  12. Incapacitating Agents
    James S. Ketchum and Harry Salem
  13. Riot Control Agents
    Harry Salem, Bradford W. Gutting, Timothy A. Kluchinsky, Jr, Charles H. Boardman, Shirley D. Tuorinsky, and Joseph J. Hout
  14. Field Management of Chemical Casualties
    Charles H. Boardman, Shirley D. Tuorinsky, Duane C. Caneva, John D. Malone, and William L. Jackson
  15. Triage of Chemical Casualties
    Shirley D. Tuorinsky, Duane C. Caneva, and Frederick R. Sidell
  16. Decontamination of Chemical Casualties
    Ernest H. Braue, Jr, Charles H. Boardman, and Charles G. Hurst
  17. Chemical Defense Equipment
    Laukton Y. Rimpel, Daniel E. Boehm, Michael R. O’Hern, Thomas R. Dashiell, and Mary Frances Tracy
  18. Occupational Health and the Chemical Surety Mission
    Claudia L. Henemyre-Harris, Melanie L. Murrow, Thomas P. Logan, Brent R. Gibson, and Robert Gum
  19. Toxins: Established and Emergent Threats

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