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Recruit Medicine

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Contents PDF document

Front Matter

Section I: History of Recruit Medicine
  1. History of Recruit Medicine in the United States Military Service James G. Jolissaint, Sean A. Swiatkowski, Sandeep S. Mangalmurti, and Gregory D. Gutke
Section II: Overview of Accessions and Attrition
  1. Overview of Recruiting and Accessions
    James E. McCrary
  2. The Enlisted Accession Medical Process
    David W. Niebuhr, Timothy E. Powers, Yuanzhang Li, and Amy M. Millikan
  3. Morbidity and Attrition Related to Medical Conditions in Recruits David W. Niebuhr, Timothy E. Powers, Yuanzhang Li, and Amy M. Millikan
  4. Collection of Accession Health Data
    Sylvia Y. N. Young, Roger L. Gibson, and Margaret A.K. Ryan
  5. Asthma and Its Implications for Military Recruits
    Bryan L. Martin, Renata J. M. Engler, Mary M. Klote, Catherine M. With, Margot R. Krauss, and Michael R. Nelson
Section III: Musculoskeletal Fitness and Injury Management
  1. Physical Fitness in Initial Entry Training
    William R. Rieger and Shawn J. Scott
  2. Primary Prevention of Injuries in Initial Entry Training
    Joseph J. Knapik, Keith G. Hauret, and Bruce H. Jones
  3. Management and Treatment of Training-Related Injuries in Initial Entry Training
    Keith G. Hauret, Bruce H. Jones, and Joseph J. Knapik
  4. Rhabdomyolysis and Compartment Syndrome in Military Trainees John J. Walsh and Steven M. Page
  5. Comprehensive Evaluation and Management of Stress Fractures in Military Trainees
    Michael D. Rosenthal and Danny J. McMillian
Section IV: Communicable Illnesses
  1. Immunizations for Military Trainees
    Renata J. M. Engler, Bryan L. Martin, Remington L. Nevin, and John D. Grabenstein
  2. Respiratory Infections in Military Recruits
    Kevin L. Russell
  3. Sexually Transmitted Infections Among Military Recruits
    David W. Niebuhr, Steven K. Tobler, Nikki N. Jordan, and Darrell E. Singer
  4. Tuberculosis and Military Recruits
    Margan J. Zajdowicz and Arlene L. Hankinson
Section V: Behavioral Health
  1. Psychological Screening of Recruits Prior to Accession in the US Military
    Robert Cardona and Elspeth Cameron Ritchie
  2. Management of Recruit Suicide
    Anthony L. Cox, Donna L. Edison, Robert L. Stewart, Carrie Dorson, and Elspeth Cameron Ritchie
  3. Eating Disorders
    Gail H. Manos, Janis Carlton, Georgia dela Cruz, and William A. Kelley
Section VI: Dental Health
  1. Dental Treatment of Recruits
    Georgia dela Cruz, Larry N. Williams, Jeffery G. Chaffin, and Susan Mongeau
Section VII: Women`s Health
  1. Gynecologic and Reproductive Health for the Female Recruit
    Johnnie Wright, Jr., Jerome L. Buller, Louise A. Loy, Elspeth Cameron Ritchie, Sylvia Y. N. Young, Christine T. Scott, and Susan G. Dunlow.
  2. Sexual Assault and Female Recruits
    Elspeth Cameron Ritchie, Connie L. Best, Michele A. Pearce, and Theresa L. Everest
Section VIII: Health Promotion, Preventive Medicine, and Risk Management Nutrition and Weight Control
  1. Nutrition and Weight Control
    Brenda Forman, Vivian T. Hutson, Tami A. Piemonte, and James Weinstein
  2. Fostering the Practice of Soldier Self-Care
    Gemryl L. Samuels and Ronald E. Ellyson
  3. Exertional Heat Illnesses
    Karen K. O`Brien, Mark K. McPherson, Bryan Alsip, and Michael N. Sawka
Section IX: Recruit Mortality
  1. Recruit Mortality
    Stephanie L. Scoville Attachment: Aftermath of a Recruit Death Steven E. Braverman

Appendix 1: Bone Scan Imaging of Stress Injuries in the Recruit
Peter Blue

Appendix 2: Causes of Dyspnea in Military Recruits
Joseph M. Parker, Jefferey A. Mikita, and Christopher J. Lettieri

Abbreviations and Acronyms



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