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Military Preventive Medicine: Mobilization and Deployment, Vol 1

book cover

Contents PDF document

Front Matter

SECTION 1: A Historic Perspective on the Principles of Military Preventive Medicine 1
  1. Preventive Medicine and Command Authority-Leviticus to Schwarzkopf
  2. The Historical Impact of Preventive Medicine in War
  3. The Historic Role of Military Preventive Medicine and Public Health in US Armies of Occupation and Military Government
  4. Preventive Medicine in Military Operations Other Than War
  5. Conserving the Fighting Strength: Milestones of Operational Military Preventive Medicine Research
SECTION 2: National Mobilization and Training
  1. The Reserve Components: Medical and Related Issues of Mobilization
  2. Evolution of Military Recruit Accession Standards
  3. The Basic Training Environment
  4. Communicable Disease Control in Basic Training: Programmatic Aspects
  5. Musculoskeletal Injuries in the Military Training Environment
  6. Medical Threat Assessment
  7. Preventive Medicine Considerations in Planning Multiservice and Multinational Operations
  8. Preventive Medicine and the Operation Plan
  9. Medical Preparation for Deployment
  10. Jet Lag and Sleep Deprivation
  11. Combat Stress Control and Force Health Protection
  12. Nutritional Considerations for Military Deployment
  13. Health Care for Women in Mobilization and Deployment
  14. Environmental Medicine: Heat, Cold, and Altitude
  15. Environmental Health
SECTION 3: Preparing for Deployment
  1. Arthropods of Military Importance
  2. Personal Protection Measures Against Arthropods
  3. Deployment Injuries
  4. Selected Topics in Deployment Occupational Medicine
  5. Aviation Medicine
  6. Military Diving Medicine
  7. Chemical Warfare Agents
  8. Biological Warfare Defense
  9. Medical Response to Injury From Ionizing Radiation
  10. The Role of Veterinary Public Health and Preventive Medicine During Mobilization and Deployment

Abbreviations and Acronyms



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