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Course Objectives

The successful Basic Healthcare Administration Course (BHAC)graduate will be equipped to optimize Army Health Readiness Platform (HRPs) outpatient clinics and Army Medical Home operations along multiple domains. Students will be able to draw upon the practical business skills developed within the course to be a more effective and skilled medical leader.

Target Audience

The BHA Course is designed to provide formal training for Army Medical Department (AMEDD) junior and mid-level medical and dental treatment facility leaders.  The BHA Course is for the administrator new to the outpatient clinic administration field and those in their first outpatient clinic administrative position. Those who will find this course educational are personnel currently working in the treatment facility TDA positions directly related to outpatient clinic management: practice managers, group practice managers, clinic administrators, primary care clinic and outpatient clinic OIC/NCOIC/CNOIC, outpatient clinic assistant OIC/NCOIC/CNOIC, AMH clinic OIC/NCOIC, AMH Coordinator, CBMH manager/OIC/NCOIC, SCMH manager, Dental clinic OIC/NCOIC/administrative officer, Women’s Health OIC/NCOIC/Administrator, Surgical OIC/NCOIC/administrator, Behavior Health OIC/NCOIC/Administrator, health system specialist, data quality manager, clinical support manager. Ideal candidates are new to the organization and in a clinical or administrative leadership role.  Target ranks are O2-O5, E5-E7 & GS 7 and above.  Exceptions to these targets are expected based on organizational need. Priority is given to personnel in Group Practice Management, Practice Management, and primary care clinic leadership positions.

Course Curriculum

The BHA Course is delivered in two phases:

Phase 1: Distance learning phase, 16 academic hours. Students are enrolled to the course and directed to the AMEDDC&S Blackboard web portal to review course content provided by the Army’s leading subject matter experts in numerous topic areas. Students complete learning activities within each area to confirm course content understanding and preparedness for the second phase of the course. The student has 14 calendar days to complete phase 1. Phase 1 must be successfully completed prior to attending phase 2.

Phase 2: Resident phase, 45 academic hours. Students attend the resident portion of the course either on-site at their facility or are centrally funded to attend the course at a central location. In phase 2, students apply lessons learned via practical, team based learning scenarios developed to facilitate in depth student understanding of course content. Students analyze their facility data, develop action plans, and prepare a formal command briefing recapping their course work. Each topic is correlated to the pertinent feature of the Behavior Health, Women’s Health, Surgical, and Dental Service Lines. Students are required to have a laptop computer with appropriate certifications, Wi-Fi capability, and CAC access. Attire is duty uniform for military and business casual for civilians. The student will have effectively met course requirements when they successfully meet all course assessments and pass the final situational training exercise.

Course content includes (as of 1 Oct ‘15):

  1. Army Medical Home (AMH)
  2. Customer Service/B.A.S.I.C.S.
  3. Army Provider Level Satisfaction Survey (APLSS )
  4. Practice Management
  5. Clinical Data Management (Data Quality, MEPRS, DMHRSi, Coding)
  6. Business Planning (Performance Planning, IRIS, Business Plans)
  7. Human Resources/Civilian Personnel
  8. Teamwork, Communication

Enrollment Information

Eligible BHA Course students are nominated by facility leadership based on the candidate’s outpatient clinical administrative role (group practice manager, practice manager, primary care clinic OIC/NCOIC/ CNOIC, specialty clinic OIC/NCOIC/CNOIC, HRP Commander, HRP Senior NCO, HRP data managers/clinical operations, CBMH OIC/NCOIC/chief nurse, SCMH OIC/NCOIC/CNOIC, Dental OIC/NCOIC/Administrator, Women’s Health OIC/NCOIC/Administrator, Surgical OIC/NCOIC/Administrator, Behavior Health OIC/NCOIC/Administrator).  Priority is given to those in the practice management and outpatient clinic leadership positions.  Ideal candidates are new to the organization (3-6 months) and in a clinic administrative or clinic leadership role.  Target ranks are O2-O5, E5-E7, & GS 7 and above.  Exceptions to these targets are considered based on organizational need.   DA Form 3838s are submitted to the local and regional BHAC POC; this is not a self-enrollment course in ATRRS.

The American Council on Education (ACE) supports upper level undergraduate credit hours for successful completion of the BHAC.