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The Academy of Health Sciences Fort Sam Houston is known as the "Home of Army Medicine" and "Home of the Combat Medic."  The US Army Medical Department Center and School (AMEDDC&S), Academy of Health Sciences (AHS) is the largest medical education and training campus in the world producing nearly 35,000 medical profession graduates every year. Instruction at the AHS includes 315 programs of instruction covering the entire range of Army Medical Department Corps:  Medical, Dental, Army Nurse, Veterinary, Medical Service, and Army Medical Specialist Corps. Courses are also available to qualified Department of Defense civilians, other Services, international military and civilian personnel.
To develop, train, and educate highly skilled military medical personnel and leaders through academic excellence.
Empower people to provide the world`s best military medical education and training to the Nation today and tomorrow.
Registrar Services
Contact the Office of the Dean
(210) 221-8715 | DSN: 471-8715
3630 Stanley Rd, Suite 215
JBSA Fort Sam Houston, TX 78234
Contact the Registar
(210) 221-6207 | DSN: 471-6207
3630 Stanley Rd, Suite 245
JBSA Fort Sam Houston, TX 78234
Contact Operator Assistance
JBSA Fort Sam Houston Base Operator
(210) 221-1211 | DSN: 471-1211
Center for Health Education and Training (CHET)
Center For Health Education and Training (CHET) ImageThe Center for Health Education and Training (CHET) is an organization within the Academy of Health Sciences (AHS) consisting of 10 Departments whose primary mission is to instruct advanced or specialty courses enhancing and building upon the initial training that enlisted Soldiers receive from the METC and Officers receive after finishing their basic courses. These departments play an integral role toward the future development and advancement of enlisted and officer personnel throughout the AMEDD and Army.
Contact CHET
(210) 221-8708/7654 | DSN: 471-8708/7654
Center for Prehosptial Medicine (CPHM)
Center For Pre-Deployment Medicine (CPDM)The Center for Prehospital Medicine (CPHM) functions as a learning center for physicians, physician assistants, nurses, critical care flight paramedics, combat medics, and is the proponent for prehospital medicine.  The Center provides education and training in tactical combat casualty care, advanced tactical emergency skills, pre-deployment trauma, and all facets of tactical medical leader development. Programs under the Center are the Advanced Training Branch, Army Trauma Training, the Brigade Combat Team Trauma Training (BCT3) Course, the Department of Combat Medic Education, the Joint Forces Combat Trauma Management Course (JFCTMC), and the Tactical Combat Medical Care (TCMC) Course.
Contact CPDM
(210) 221-9646/9518 | DSN: 471-9646/9518
Graduate School
Graduate School ImageThe Graduate School is comprised of a wide variety of highly regarded and nationally ranked graduate programs associated with a number of civilian graduate schools. Our programs are located both on the Center and School campus as well as based in hospitals throughout the military health system.  Our mission is to educate and train the next generation of clinical and administrative healthcare professionals in the federal sector.  The programs include the following:  the US Army Graduate Program in Anesthesia Nursing; the Army - Baylor Doctoral Progam in Physical Therapy; the Inter-service Physicians Assistant Program; the U.S. Military Graduate Program in Nutrition; the Master`s in Social Work Program; the Doctorate in Pastoral Care Ministry; and the Army - Baylor Graduate Program in Health and Business Administration.
Contact the Graduate School
(210) 221-6457/7582 | DSN: 471-6457/7582
U.S. Army School of Aviation Medicine (USASAM)
The US Army School of Aviation Medicine (USASAM) operates the Army`s only training hypobaric or altitude chamber and DoD Aeromedical Psychology courses. All Army Flight Surgeons, Aeromedical Physician Assistants, Flight Medics, and Aeromedical Evacuation Officers receive their training at USASAM.  Concurrently, USASAM provides initial and sustainment training in 32 Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC), US Army Safety Center and School of the Americas Programs of Instruction (POI) for both fixed and rotary wing students. Subjects include a variety of Aeromedical Training areas such as Noise, G-forces, Altitude Physiology, Vibration, Night Vision, Hypoxia, and Spatial Disorientation.
Contact USASAM
(334) 255-7084/7409 | DSN: 558-7084/7409
Leader Training Center (LTC)
The Leader Training Center envisions, designs, and trains a premier medical force for decisive action in support of our Nation by providing professional education, doctrinal, individual leadership training in order to execute missions across the full spectrum of military operations.  The Leader Training Center comprises of the following courses:  Basic Officer Leader Course (BOLC); Captains Career Course (CCC), Combined Logistics Captains Career Course (CLC3); Health Services Plans, Operations, Intelligence, Security and Training Course (70H); AMEDD Pre-Command Course; Brigade/Division Surgeons Course; Foward Surgical Team Commander`s Course; Medical Strategic Leadership Program (MSLP) Course; and the Executive Skills Course.
Contact LTC
(210) 221-8213/7554 | DSN: 471-8213/7554
Department of Pastoral Ministry Training (DPMT)
The Department of Pastoral Ministry Training (DPMT) provides US Military Chaplains and Chaplains Assistants the highest quality of pastoral care instruction in clinical and trauma settings.  Our end state is to deliver world-class religious support for military medical operations.  The DPMT provides three training tracks: 1 year ( 4 units) Clinical Pastoral Education Course, multiple 2-week Medical Ministry Courses, and four 1-week Professional Post Graduate Short Courses.  Our goal is to be the nation`s leader in educating and training spiritual care trauma specialists.
Click here for more information (DPMT Webpage)
Contact DPMT
(210) 221-8609/8721 | DSN: 471-8609/8721
Center for Professional Education and Training (CPET)
The Center for Professional Education and Training provides a world class education system that is answerable to the US Army and the American people through development of AMEDD education training policies, ensuring adherence to education training policy and accreditation standards; advocating education and training issues; managing quotas and funds for Army, civilian, and federal courses; developing and implementing AMEDD policies and programs to comply with Department of Defense instructions and inter-service training review organizations.
Click here for more information (CPET Webpage)
Contact CPET
(210) 295-9508/9528 | DSN: 421-9508/9528
Department of Behavioral Health Sciences (DBHS)
The Department of Behavioral Health Sciences designs and trains the most current, evidenced-based behavioral health-related training to the military medical force and the US Army to support full spectrum operations.
Contact DBHS
(210) 221-8026/6346 | DSN: 471-8026/6346
Department of Health Support Services (DHSS)
The Department of Health Support Services (DHSS) supports a variety of enlisted and officer initial entry and sustainment training programs.  This includes the military occupational speciality (MOS) producing courses such as the Biomedical Equipment Specialist (MOS 68A), Patient Administration Specialist (MOS 68G), Medical Logistics Specialist (MOS 68J), Medical Laboratory Technicians (MOS 68K), Pharmacy Specialists (MOS 68Q), Radiology Technologists (MOS 68P), and Cytotechnologists (MOS 68KM2) courses, plus their corresponding technical tracks following the Advanced Leadership Course (ALC).  In addition, the DHSS capiitalizes on the specialized clinical training received by its biochemists, clinical laboratory officers, microbiologists, pharmacists, as well as the specialized administrative training received by its health administrators, information management specialists, patient administrators, human resource managers, and logisticians to support a number of officer training programs.  These include, but are not limited to, providing general instructional support for the training of physician assistants, physical therapists, nutritionists, and health care administrators, as well as specific Area of Consentration (AOC) technical track training or AOC producting courses such as the Medical Information Management Course (AOC 70D), Medical Logistics Officers Course (AOC 70K), Patient Administration/Associate Healthcare Administrators Course (AOC 70E), and the Health Services Human Resources Managers Course (AOC 70F).
Contact DHSS
(210) 221-7654/8120 | DSN: 471-7653/8120
Department of Combat Medic Training (DCMT)
The Department of Combat Medic Training (DCMT) serves as the proponent for the 68W Health Care Specialist and the Army Emergency Medical Service (EMS).  DCMT provides the Army with highly motivated and disciplined 68W, Health Care Specialists (Combat Medics) at skill level 10 and 30 who are National Registry Emergency Medical Technician-Basic (EMT-B) certified. These Soldier Medics possess the additional necessary medical skills to sustain the force, survive the battlefield and accomplish the mission to "Conserve the Fighting Strength."
Contact DCMT
(210) 221-3887/5235 | DSN: 471-3887/5235
Department of Dental Science (DDS)
The Department of Dental Science trains Soldiers for military occupations as Dental Assistants, Preventive Dentistry Specialists, Dental Laboratory Technicians and Non-Commissioned Officers, serves as Subject Matter Experts for dental issues and supports other civilian, officer and enlisted courses in the US Army Medical Department Center and School.
Contact DDS
(210) 221-8055/7719 | DSN: 471-8055/7719
Department of Nursing Science (DNS)
The Department of Nursing Science coordinates and conducts education and training for resident officer and enlisted courses for which Department of Nursing Science is the proponent or nursing-specific liaison.  We pursue state of the art training technology for all courses and develop and oversee the conduct of distributed training courses for which Department of Nursing Science is the proponent; to serve as nursing subject matter expert for nursing issues and for doctrine developed under the proponency of the AMEDD Center and School.
Contact DNS
(210) 295-4407/4423 | DSN: 421-4407/4423
Department of Preventive Health Services (DPHS)
The Department of Preventive Health Services mission is "To provide training in Preventive Medicine, Behavioral Sciences, and Medical Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosive (CBRNE) training to officers, warrant officers, enlisted, civilians, U.S. and allied personnel worldwide."
Contact DPHS
(210) 221-8909/7511 | DSN: 471-8909/7511
Department of Veterinary Science (DVS)
The Department of Veterinary Science is the world`s learning center for U.S. Army Animal Medicine and Food Inspection skills.  We develop and teach course material for Officers, Enlisted personnel, and civilians who are involved in Veterinary care, food technology, military rations, Defense Commissary Agency stores, and Army/Air Force Exchange Service food establishments for the entire United States Department of Defense.
Contact DVS
(210) 221-4933/4921 | DSN: 471-4933/4921
Curriculum Development Division (CDD)
The Curriculum Development Division`s mission is to create relevant customer-focused education and training products that support the medical mission.
Contact CDD
(210) 221-0077/0526 | DSN: 471-0077/0526
Instructional Technology Division (ITD)
Instructional Technology Division imageInstructional Technology Division (ITD) is a one-stop support center for Army medical education and training instructional technology products, services, and expertise.  We research, evaluate, and leverage technology-based training tools to enhance and expand our customers` access to military medical education and training.

Instructional Technology Guidance and Support

  • Instructional technology policy, best practices, and business rules
  • Options and recommendations for media and delivery
  • Curriculum evaluations for readiness and suitability for instructional technology
  • Marketing support to help promote new courses and updates to existing courses

Instructional Technology Development and Delivery

  • Development and delivery of small to large, CD and web-based interactive multimedia instruction (IMI) products
  • Development and delivery of video products ranging from web quality to high definition
  • Contract assistance for external IMI development products
  • IMI implementation assistance (product testing/loading coordination)

Instructional Technology Facilities and Technical Support

  • Satellite and video tele-training classrooms and teach-out room with connection and tech support
  • A fully staffed computer lab for student use when completing projects and assignments
  • Three fully equipped computer classrooms with on staff tech support
Contact ITD
(210) 221-8142/8461 | DSN: 471-8142/8461
Training Program Management Division (TPMD)
The Training Program Management Division implements and manages automated training development and management systems and processes for the AMEDD in support of quality, standardized military medical training programs that meet Army readiness requirements.  We also lead the way in supporting Army training technology growth and evolution with the vision of delivering quality training to anyone, anytime, anywhere.
Contact TPMD
(210) 221-8745/7385 | DSN: 471-8745/7385
International Military Student Office (IMSO)
The International Military Student Office provides administrative and academic support to the International Military Students, their families, maintains international engagement, develop exportable training products, facilitate coordination of non-resident training, and promotes AMEDD courses to the international community.
Click here for more information (IMSO Webpage)
Contact IMSO
(210) 221-8579/6020 | DSN: 471-8579/6020
Staff and Faculty Development Division (SFDD)
The Staff and Faculty Development Division provides professional development training opportunities for US Army Medical Department Center and School staff and faculty through both innovative and traditional training programs.
Click here for more information (SFDD Webpage)
Contact SFDD
(210) 221-6972/8816 | DSN: 471-6972/8816
Stimson Library (SL)
Stimson Library (SL) provides information resources and services to support the training and research mission of the US Army Medical Department Center and School. SL supports medical activities at Fort Sam Houston and serves as an information resource for the Army Medical Department worldwide.
Contact Stimson Library
(210) 221-6900/8281 | DSN: 471-6900/8281
AMEDD Journal Branch
The AMEDD Journal Branch creates and publishes the US Army Medical Department Journal and the Medical Soldiers Outlook.  The AMEDD Journal is a quarterly, professional, peer-reviewed publication with worldwide distribution.  It provides a forum for the presentation and exchange of the most current, high level healthcare, clinical, and medical research information, as well as medically related combat experiences and military doctrine development ideas and proposals.  The Outlook is a training information newsletter.  The publication is distributed worldwide to Active Army and Reserve Component enlisted personnel to provide current information on resident and nonresident training courses, educational opportunities, doctrine revisions, and medical MOS changes and updates.
Contact the AMEDD Journal Branch
(210) 221-6301/6375 | DSN: 471-6301/6375