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About the Statistical Analysis Cell

The Statistical Analysis Cell (SAC), formerly the Statistical Analysis Branch of the Center for AMEDD Strategic Studies (CASS), is composed of statisticians with various backgrounds and specialized experience. All staff members have earned advanced degrees in a variety of areas and have professional experience in military healthcare analysis, statistics, computer programming, data mining and epidemiology.

Our expertise in data analysis and management have made the Statistical Analysis Cell a pioneer in the development and execution of many deployment healthcare-related studies and medical surveillance projects that have provided data-driven analyses for Army and DoD medical planners and decision makers. Our studies and analyses rely upon our ability to create complex, healthcare-related datasets from secondary data sources. Data are obtained and analyzed following strict data governance rules approved by the Army Human Research Protection Office (AHRPO).


The Statistical Analysis Cell conducts strategic, statistical, data-driven studies and analyses in support of decision- and policy-making, management and administration of Army medicine. 


To be the preeminent source for strategic, data-driven, statistical analyses and expertise aligned to support today’s and future Army medicine in decision- and policy-making, management, development, integration, sustainment, and modernization.

Products and Services

The Statistical Analysis Cell developed the current methodology and is the proponent for the disease and non-battle injury rates used in the Total Army Analysis (TAA) process. Statistical analysts perform both comprehensive, strategic studies and short-term, ad-hoc analyses. In addition, we have developed web-enabled, data-driven tools to assist Army medicine leaders and planners. Recent projects have focused on disease and injury admission rates, in-theater dental emergency encounters, spinal cord injuries, paralysis, traumatic brain injuries, the Barell Matrix expansion, and behavioral health. 

Our Customers

The Statistical Analysis Cell provides data-driven analytical support for planners and decision makers of military medicine in various Army and DoD organizations, such as the Office of the Surgeon General (US Army), the Army Medical Department Center and School, Health Readiness Center of Excellence (AMEDDC&S, HRCoE) Capabilities Development and Integration Directorate (CDID), US Army Dental Corps, Tri-Service Center for Oral Health Studies, Center for Army Analysis, and AMEDDC&S, HRCoE.


Contact Us 


(210) 221-9633 | DSN: 471-9633

3630 Stanley Road

Fort Sam Houston, TX 78234



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