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Welcome to the Interservice Physician Assistant Program Webpage!

Please utilize the navigation bar at the top of this page for additional information.


Mission Statement

To provide the uniformed services with highly competent, compassionate physician assistants who model integrity, strive for leadership excellence, and are committed to lifelong learning.


Vision Statement

To be recognized as the world-class leader in physician assistant education.


Core Values

Integrity, Persistence, Attitude, Professionalism


Guiding Principles

  • To provide leadership and education of the highest quality and greatest value to our students, thereby instilling a lifelong desire for growth and learning
  • To immerse faculty and students in an environment that fosters a sense of academic and professional excellence
  • To educate the future leaders of military medicine to become the most dynamic and highest quality physician assistants possible
  • To demonstrate personal integrity and ethical conduct


Student Handbook

PANCE Five Year First Time Exam Taker Report

*In order to attend the Interservice Physician Assistant Program, you MUST be actively serving in the United States military* 


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