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Generate resilient and fit leaders of character capable of meeting the cognitive, physical, and social needs of the Army.


The 32d Medical Brigade is the Medical Generating Force for the Army, responsible for providing the absolute best medically, technically and tactically trained Soldiers and professionals in the world.


We Grow Leaders

Key tasks

Safe, secure and healthy operating environment

Embrace a standards-based military lifestyle grounded in core mission requirements

Apply a whole-of-person approach to Soldiering

End State

 32d Medical Brigade serves as the "Leadership Factory" for MEDCoE, where inspired leadership, readiness, and partnerships generate the future of defense health.

Brigade Staff

XO: 210-221-5105

S-1: 210-221-3646

S-3: 210-221-4227

S-4: 210-221-4514

Special Staff

EO: 210-221-4362

SHARP: 210-221-3047

Retention: 210-221-4535

Senior Drill Sergeant: 210-221-4796


Chaplain: 210-221-9749

       32d Medical Brigade


       2851 Harney Path

       JBSA Fort Sam Houston, TX 78234


       232d Medical Battalion


       After hours Duty Phone#: 210-439-5834

       3820 Williams Way

       BLDG 3313

       JBSA Fort Sam Houston, TX 78234


       264th Medical Battalion


       After Hours Duty Phone#: 210-834-7725

       2745 Harney Path

       Suite 264

       JBSA Fort Sam Houston, TX 78234



       DoD Safe Helpline


      JBSA FSH Sexual Assault Hotline


      JBSA FSH Post Locator


32d Medical Brigade Commander