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Medical Capabilities Integration Center Image
About the Medical Capabilities Integration Center
The Medical Capabilities Integration Center is composed of the:

  • Army Medical Department Board - responsible for independent operational test and evaluation of medical and medical-related materiel and information technology products.
  • Borden Institute - responsible for producing Textbooks of Military Medicine, covering a spectrum of military medical scholarship.
  • Center for AMEDD Strategic Studies - responsible for the conduct of strategic studies and advanced concepts & requirements domain in Army Modeling & Simulation.
  • Combat and Doctrine Development Directorate - responsible for developing concepts, organizations, materiel and doctrine involving Army Health System (AHS) across the full spectrum of operations; and identifying operational & clinical capabilities, requirements, and solutions and to work issues across the Joint, Army, and AMEDD communities.
  • Knowledge Management Directorate - responsible for building Army Medicine knowledge management capabilities that positively impact the AMEDD by enabling innovation, performance improvement, and powerful decision-making.
  • Medical Evacuation Proponent Directorate - responsible for all matters pertaining to medical evacuation.
  • Total AMEDD Systems Management Directorate - responsible for integration functions to ensure information systems are correctly designed and integrated into the broader healthcare delivery system or subsystem they are intended to support.
We serve as an integral player in the Force Management, Development, Integration, Sustainment and Modernization processes of building the medical arm of tomorrow`s Army.

Our vision is to have an integrated and effective Army Medical Department System equipped, manned, and properly aligned to support a Transformed, Modular Army at war on today`s and future battlefields.

Products and Services
The Medical Capabilities Integration Center develops concepts, organizations, materiel, and doctrine for Force Health Protection (FHP) to the Army across the operational continuum; Provides independent operational tests, evaluations and experiments in support of the Army Medical Department medical materiel and systems acquisition process; Is the customer advocate and corporate catalyst for integration and synchronization of Army Medical Department information management/information technology support systems; Builds knowledge management capabilities that enable the workforce to positively impact the Army Medical Department mission through innovation, performance improvement, and powerful decision-making; Manages the Army medical evacuation system ensuring effective integration into the Joint Force Health Protection System; Provides data-driven studies, analyses, and evaluations to the AMEDDC&S and Office Of The Surgeon General (OTSG) in support of current and future Force Health Protection Operations; Fosters and promotes excellence in operational and military academic medicine; and enhances military clinical education through development, publication and maintenance of the Textbooks of Military Medicine.

Our Customers
The Medical Capabilities Integration Center provides coordination, facilitation, and integration with the United States Army Medical Command, Headquarters Department of the Army, the Office of The Army Surgeon General, United States Army Medical Research and Materiel Command, the Center for Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine, United States Army Training and Doctrine Command, United States Forces Command, and the Army Reserve Medical Command.

Contact Us
(210) 221-8600 | DSN: 471-8600
3630 Stanley Rd, Suite 292
Fort Sam Houston, TX  78234

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