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Emergency Medical Technicians

About Us

U.S. Army EMS Programs Management Office supports all 68Ws and Army sponsored EMS training sites worldwide.



The US Army EMS Programs Management Office is assigned as The Surgeon General’s (TSG) execution agency for Combat Medic 68W military occupational specialty (MOS) oversight and is the appointed National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) regulatory agency that approves site codes and conducts quality assurance oversight.  Serves as the AMEDD proponent for 68W Combat Medic sustainment training and NREMT certification. 



To be the foundation on which the Army`s Combat Medics can remain medically proficient and technically competent.


Recognized by the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT), as the State EMS office for the United States Army. These functions include:

·         US Army EMS serves as the AMEDD proponent for 68W Combat Medic sustainment training and NREMT certification, ensuring compliance IAW AR 40-68 and AR 350-1.

·         Develops 68W Army-wide policies pertaining to MOS sustainment requirements and awards continuing education hours for state approved EMT training.

·         Liaison with Federal, State, Military and non-governmental agencies for implementation of National Defense Authorization Act changes that affect 68W qualifications and civilian credentialing.

·         Serves as the Contracting Officer Representative (COR) for NREMT contract, responsible for payment of testing and recertification and a voting member for the Consolidated Configuration Board (CCB).

·         Approves requests for NREMT training site codes, course approval requests, and ensuring enforcement of quality assurance for National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Department of Transportation (DOT), and AMEDDC&S curriculum standards.

·         Conducts MECOM Organizational Inspections Programs (OIP) and 68W Quality Assurance Assessment of 68W EMT training sites.

·         Liaison between the Army and NREMT, serving as the 51st State to receive, review, and validate training and certification for initial and continued NREMT certification and state reciprocity requests.

·         Determines NREMT 68W MOS eligibility through criminal background inquiries and investigates any criminal history of alleged misconduct by DoD NREMT certified personnel.

·         Functions as AMEDDC&S proponent for In-Process Review (IPR)/POM requirements to Army and outside agencies for both Medical Simulation Training Center (MSTC)-Initial and MSTC Standard planning/fielding; oversees program of instruction (POI) utilization/updates for use at MSTCs.



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Office: (210) 221-0837 | DSN: 471-0837
Fax: (210) 221-2704

Department of the Army
U.S. Army EMS Programs Management Division
2450 Stanley Rd
JBSA/Fort Sam Houston, TX 78234 -7517


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