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Medical Aspects of Biological Warfare

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  1. History of Biological Weapons: From Poisoned Darts to Intentional Epidemics
    James W. Martin, George W. Christopher, and Edward M. Eitzen, Jr.
  2. Food, Waterborne, and Agricultural Diseases
    Zygmunt F. Dembek and Edwin L. Anderson
  3. Epidemiology of Biowarfare and Bioterrorism
    Zygmunt F. Dembek, Julie A. Pavlin, and Mark G. Kortepeter
  4. Anthrax
    Bret K. Purcell, Patricia L. Worsham, and Arthur M. Friedlander
  5. Plague
    Patricia L. Worsham, Thomas W. McGovern, Nicholas J. Vietri, and Arthur M. Friedlander
  6. Glanders
    Bridget Carr Gregory and David M. Waag
  7. Melioidosis
    Nicholas J. Vietri and David Deshazer
  8. Tularemia
    Matthew J. Hepburn, Arthur M. Friedlander, and Zygmunt F. Dembek
  9. Brucellosis
    Bret K. Purcell, David L. Hoover, and Arthur M. Friedlander
  10. Q Fever
    David M. Waag
  11. Smallpox and Related Orthopoxviruses
    Peter B. Jahrling, John W. Huggins, M. Sofi Ibrahim, James V. Lawler, and James W. Martin
  12. Alphavirus Encephalitides
    Keith E. Steele, Douglas S. Reed, Pamela J. Glass, Mary Kate Hart, George V. Ludwig, William D. Pratt, Michael D. Parker, and Jonathan F. Smith
  13. Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers
    Peter B. Jahrling, Aileen M. Marty, and Thomas W. Geisbert
  14. Staphylococcal Enterotoxin B and Related Toxins
    Robert G. Ulrich, Catherine L. Wilhelmsen, and Teresa Krakauer
  15. Ricin
    Mark A. Poli, Chad Roy, Kermit D. Huebner, David R. Franz, and Nancy K. Jaax
  16. Botulinum Toxin
    Zygmunt F. Dembek, Leonard A. Smith, and Janice M. Rusnak
  17. Additional Toxins of Clinical Concern
    Kermit D. Huebner, Robert W. Wannemacher, Jr., Bradley G. Stiles, Michel R. Popoff, and Mark A. Poli
  18. Laboratory Identification of Biological Threats
    Erik A. Henchal, George V. Ludwig, Chris A. Whitehouse, and John M. Scherer
  19. Consequence Management: The National and Local Response
    Kermit D. Huebner and James W. Martin
  20. Medical Management of Potential Biological Casualties: A Stepwise Approach
    Theodore J. Cieslak and George W. Christopher
  21. Medical Countermeasures
    Janice M. Rusnak, Ellen F. Boudreau, Matthew J. Hepburn, James W. Martin, and Sina Bavari
  22. Biosafety
    Catherine L. Wilhelmsen and Robert J. Hawley
  23. Biosurety
    Gretchen L. 
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