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The Borden Institute was established in 1987 at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, DC, to foster and promote excellence in military academic medicine through the development and publication of military medical scholarship. The Borden Institute is an agency of the US Army Medical Department Center and School and, following the closure of Walter Reed, it has relocated to Ft Sam Houston, Texas, with an office at Ft Detrick, Maryland.

The Borden Institute publishes and maintains the Textbooks of Military Medicine. The volumes in the series constitute a comprehensive treatise on the art and science of military medicine, covering such diverse topics as biological and chemical warfare, military preventive medicine, military medical ethics, combat behavioral health, harsh environments, and care of combat injuries. Two recent award-winning Textbooks of Military Medicine include Medical Aspects of Biological Warfare and Care of the Combat Amputee.

The Institute also publishes specialty titles, such as the award-winning War Surgery in Afghanistan and Iraq: A Series of Cases, 2003-2007 and Pediatric Surgery and Medicine for Hostile Environments.

The Borden Institute also publishes a series on military medical history,  which includes such titles as Builders of Trust: Biographical Profiles from the Medical Corps Coin, A Contemporary History of the US Army Nurse Corps , Attack on the Pentagon: The Medical Response to 9/11, and Borden’s Dream: The Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, DC.

History of the name “Borden Institute”:  In 1902 MAJ Walter Reed died at the age of 51 from septicemia related to appendicitis.  A pioneering physician, he was best known for proving that yellow fever is transmitted by mosquitoes. His work during the Spanish-American War led to sanitary programs that made construction of the Panama Canal possible in a mosquito-laden region. LTC William Cline Borden, Walter Reed’s friend and attending physician at his death, raised funds for the hospital and lobbied Congress to name it after Reed. In 1951, the entire complex was renamed Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Walter Reed’s honor. Walter Reed Army Medical Center thus became known as “Borden’s Dream” and the Borden Institute was named in honor of LTC Borden’s efforts. Additional information is provided in the Borden Institute’s historical text Borden’s Dream.

Borden Institute
2478 Stanley Rd, Bldg 2268, Ste 101
Fort Sam Houston, TX 78234-6102
Tel: 210-221-1302

1546 Porter St, Ste 207
Fort Detrick, MD 21702
Tel: 301-619-3470

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