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Care of the Combat Amputee

Contents PDF document

Front Matter

  1. Introduction: Developing a System of Care for the Combat Amputee
  2. Historical Perspectives on the Care of Service Members With Limb Amputations
  3. Department of Veterans Affairs System of Care for the Polytrauma Patient
  4. Returning to Duty After Major Limb Loss and the U.S. Military Disability System
  5. Overview of the Department of Veterans Affairs
  6. Vocational Rehabilitation of the Combat Amputee
  7. Military and Veteran Support Systems
  8. General Surgical Principles for the Combat Casualty With Limb Loss
  9. Special Surgical Considerations for the Combat Casualty With Limb Loss
  10. Medical Issues in the Care of the Combat Amputee
  11. Pain Management Among Soldiers With Amputations
  12. Psychiatric Intervention with the Orthopaedically Injured
  13. Rehabilitation of Burn Casualties
  14. Hearing Impairment Among Soldiers: Special Considerations for Amputees
  15. Traumatic Brain Injury
  16. Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation
  17. Physical Therapy for the Polytrauma Casualty With Limb Loss
  18. Occupational Therapy for the Polytrauma Casualty With Limb Loss
  19. Gait Analysis and Training of People with Limb Loss
  20. Lower Limb Prosthetics
  21. Lower Limb Prosthetics for Sports and Recreation
  22. Upper Limb Amputation and Prosthetics Epidemiology, Evidence, and Outcomes
  23. Upper Extremity Prosthetics
  24. Upper Limb Prosthetics for Sports and Recreation
  25. Sports and Recreation Opportunities
  26. Assistive Devices for Service Members With Disabilities
  27. The Future of Artificial Limbs
  28. Road Map for Future Amputee Care Research

Abbreviations and Acronyms


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